Boost Your Learning Power 
Increase Confidence
Improve Grades

Our Study Skills Cards are designed to motivate learners of all ages. The cards offer rapid access to the major aspects of developing the skills and attitudes necessary to boost aspirations, self-belief and confidence. The cards raise awareness and understanding of learning styles and explain the application of effective revision techniques.



The cards have been used to great effect with large numbers of students to promote the development of life-long learning.


By using your cards on a regular basis you will:

  • discover a greater sense of self-belief
  • develop new ways to keep yourself motivated
  • explore a range of techniques to improve your retention and recall of new material
  • find out why you learn some things more easily than others
  • experience increased levels of confidence
  • raise your own expectations and aspirations

Contact Information
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NPQH, MTL Coach, Sheffield Hallam University Consultant
+44 (0)7899 837 826